A suit for every events

Job interview, wedding of your best friend: no more t-shirts, the choice of a man’s suit becomes urgent. But just thinking about it, you’re already clammy. Between George Clooney’s tuxedo and your grandfather’s suit, it’s hard to make the right choice. Don’t worry: Réussirmavie is here to advise you!

As a classy and distinguished man, on various occasions, the wearing of a suit “is required”. And yes, the blazer (navy blue jacket and beige pants) is not enough, you can’t wear a “Cambridge student” style! 

Basic rule: the suit is a jacket / trousers set of the same colour. 

For a first suit, choose discretion. You will be sure to be able to wear it on any occasion, to blend in and not look like a clown. So no extravagance. You’ll keep your big polka dot tie, colorful buttons and folkloric cufflinks for your next birthday in disguise! Aim for the classic.

* The type of costume

* Choose a simple two-piece suit. Tuxedo, crow’s-feet, suit-veston: not really the suit that is easy to wear every day!  

* A well sprung cut

* A suit fits perfectly, or even fits snugly. Don’t be afraid to try a smaller suit size than your usual size. This will prevent you from looking drowned in your suit or looking like a penguin!  

* Also, don’t hesitate to have your costume adjusted: many salesmen propose to do so 1 The sleeves of the jacket should not be too long and the sleeve of the shirt should stop at the bone of the wrist. Consequence: the distance between the sleeves of the shirt and the jacket must be one inch wide. This makes it possible to reveal any cufflinks or to bring a simple touch of aesthetics with the edging of the shirt.   

1.  The shoulder seam stops right at the end of the shoulder.

2. If you are wearing a three-button jacket, only the middle one should be closed, and in the case of the two-button jacket, leave the bottom button open. 

* Pants 

1. The goal of the game is to get a nice “pants down”. Translation: Banish pants that are too wide, folded along the entire length of the legs and that make you look like an accordion. 

2. The professionals unanimously agree: the pants should only “break” once, at the ankle level. 


4. Thanks to these few rules, your investment in your costume will be rewarded with a look that will make the young ladies you meet fall. 

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